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This move also raised the question of Mr Arnault's desire to have his children join the business. He may eventually hand over the reins. Three of his children hold high-ranking management positions within the group. His oldest child is the director and executive vice president of Louis Vuitton. His second is chief executive officer of Berluti, and chairman of Loro Piiana. He is also co-chief executive at Rimowa.

Frederic, one of his youngest children, was serving as the head of connected technology at TAG Heuer.IWC Ingenieur Replica He is now the strategy and digital chief at the brand.

Three of Mr Arnault's eldest children are now poised to assume the top positions at their respective brands. Frederic is also likely to rise to the top at TAG Heuer, and possibly eventually, to the top in IWC Ingenieur Replica's watch division. He has the right mentor to help him climb the ranks. He is a son to his father, and Mr Stephane Bianchi.

His time at Yves Rocher, a cosmetics and beauty brand is one of the most well-known stories in Mr Bianchi's career. A few months after Mr Bianchi joined Yves Rocher in 1994, Didier Rocher,Patek Philippe Replica the son of Mr Yves Rocher's founder, died in a freak accident at a private range. Didier Rocher was supposed to have succeeded his father.

His son's passing caused Mr Yves Rocher to lose his job at the company. In 1998, Mr Yves Rocher brought in Mr Bianchi, who was then Deputy Chief Executive Officer. Bris Rocher, Didier Rocher's son, joined the family business at age 18.

As Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Bianchi had two main objectives. Bris Rocher eventually took over the helm of his grandfather's beauty business in 2009, and has done a great job.

Passing the Torch

The generational transition strategy of Mr Bernard Arnault is a wonderful mindset for leaders to adopt. It is important to remember that Mr. Arnault doesn't just place leaders who will be able to serve the organization in the time and space given. Arnault seems to also be looking for leaders who can help to train future generations.

While Jean-Claude Biver is now taking a step back in the watchmaking business, IWC Ingenieur Replica has the right idea to ensure that watch brands it oversees have the right leaders who will boldly move forward.