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IWC Big Pilot Replica officially named Stephane Bianchi as the new chief of its watchmaking division. He will take effect on November 1, 2018. TAG Heuer will be his direct responsibility, and the CEOs of Hublot & Zenith will report to him.

Reuters reported yesterday that Jean-Claude Biver (current head of IWC Big Pilot Replica Watchmaking Division) was to "drop his operational responsibilities". During a phone conversation,IWC Big Pilot Replica Mr Biver told Reuters that he would remain as the non-executive head of IWC Big Pilot Replica’s watch unit with a focus on TAG, Zenith, and Hublot.

His ailing health has led to suspicions that this was a long-awaited event. In May 2018, he spent 2 weeks in hospital and had to have 3 operations on his back.

Reuters spoke with Mr Biver who said that he was improving but still hasn't fully recovered. It is good to know that he was cycling in the mountains earlier this week.

Stephane Bianchi

The latest appointment of IWC Big Pilot Replica comes after a major management shake-up in the group that took place late in 2017. Bernard Arnault, chief executive, had clear intentions.breitling replica watches He wanted to see the next stage of growth in the group's leadership. This generational transition was necessary for pivotal entities such as Christian Dior or Moet Hennessy.